About us

Mainline Bus started its activity in 2004, with the objective of operating in the area of ​​heavy line automotive maintenance services and the supply of parts and equipment, such as: Electronic Diesel Injection Modules, Tachographs, Panels, Starter Motors, Alternators, Evaporators, Cleaner Motors, Electronic Itineraries, among others.

With a consolidated experience in this market, we provide excellent services, contract with a professional, trained and motivated team, always available to provide the best service to our client portfolio, which includes small, medium and large companies, including some multinationals.


We strongly believe in the relationship with our customers, always seeking to build and maintain a lasting partnership. Therefore, our employees have a limited number of clients in their portfolio, which provides faster, more direct and personalized service to each company, with periodic visits and monitoring of the work.

We have an excellent relationship with distributors and manufacturers, which privileges us in obtaining quality products, with affordable prices, easy payment and agility in the delivery of goods, basic requirements nowadays.

When requesting a quote or project, the customer has at his disposal a technical team specialized in analyzing, comparing and offering the best products and solutions for each need. We include here, direct technical and commercial support, provided by various channels such as telephone, website, social networks and face-to-face visits.

Once the sale is completed, we follow all the steps of the order, until the product or service is delivered correctly. And, if there is a problem, we seek quick, simple solutions, and with as little bureaucracy as possible, in order to simplify and speed up the resolution of the same.

The combination of all these facilities and resources aims to provide our customers with all tranquility and comfort. When closing a partnership with us, we offer differentiated service, with the fulfillment of the terms and negotiated commercial conditions.

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